2006 Festival
Garden Gate
The booths were standing like soldiers in line waiting for roll call.  The flowers in the field
stood proudly like the parents in the audience anxiously awaiting the graduation ceremony.  I
stood with my heart beating as any organizer of a celebratory day wondering if I had crossed
all my T’s and dotted all my I’s.  Would any body come?  If they did would they have fun??  
Did I organize enough?? Too much?  Will my vendors be happy?  Would I disappoint my

The sun shone brightly over the land that has become my friend and hopefully someday a
source of income that will enable me to fulfill my dream of being a farmer that actually is
financially solvent.  As I surveyed the fields, vendors, and family members, the anxiousness
went away for a moment and I took in a deep breath and all was peaceful and good.
The morning and the week before this festival
event has been a flurry of activity that would
knock your breath away.  The fields had to be
mowed and the garbage picked up and sent to
the dump, products had to be made in large
quantities and labeled appropriately.  Food was
purchased and vendor’s booths, tables and
tents put up.  

Family members who already had full time jobs
and a life other than my farm made sacrifices to
make my dream come true.  Friends jumped in
to help and love was tested as the excitement
heightened the senses.
The first car drove slowly down the dusty lane
like a young schoolboy meeting the girlfriends’
parents for the first time. So many people have
never been to a lavender farm but the ads in
the local papers seemed intriguing enough that
more cars followed the first one down that
lane.   The sun glinted off the window of the first
car as it parked in the field and I walked down to
greet its occupants with joy in my heart and
sound of a nearby vendor saying softly under
her breath “build it and they will come!”

And come they did.  Cars continued in a steady
stream all day and vendors, family and friends
were hopping.  The smell of hot dogs wafted
across the purple fields filled with folks from
every socio economic status.  
Birkenstock hippies from the sixties appreciated
the organic way of growing our crops and the
affluent recognized the quality of the products.  
Those with just a jangle of change in their
pockets found a gem of a place where they could
make a purchase and still have a pocket that
jingled.  Gardeners found seventh heaven in the
variety of Lavenders they could choose.  More
than 80 varieties of Lavender exist in the world.  
Who knew? And of course being an educator my
self I could understand their joy when they found
a place to renew their faith in mankind and could
learn a thing or two that was not only useful in the
classroom but also in their own personal lives

The day ended as peacefully busy as it had
begun.  A line of cars exited slowly and bumped
down the dusty lane ladened with gifts for friends,
plants for the garden and a sense of peace (and
some a trinket or two) for themselves.  I could
envision them slumbering peacefully after an
afternoon amongst the purple flowers, great
people and fabulous products.
The 1st annual Garden Gate Lavender
Festival was held on the 15th and 16th of
July, 2006.  Hundreds of people attended the
event.  Hot dogs, Lavender Lemonade, Chips
and Soda were available to the hungry
crowd.  People happily walked through the
purple fields of lavender gathering up
bouquets to take home.  Many brought
cameras to capture “Kodak” moments.  
Children enjoyed romping through the fields
and hand feeding the exotic chickens.  The
festival pleased so many people that Garden
Gates phones rang off the hook for weeks as
customers asked to come back again with
friends and family.  Garden Gate Lavender
will continue the festival and will hold it again
on the 2nd weekend in July.  Feel free to
come and enjoy the scents, the sounds and
pleasure of a visit to a Lavender Farm.