Lavender Products
for your home
Garden Gate
Lavender Sachet
These lovely bags are filled with pure organic lavender buds fresh from our farm. They give off a scent that is touted to relieve stress. They are great in lingerie drawers, cars and office desks.
Lavender Dryer Bag $3.50
Throw this muslin bag filled with scented lavender buds into the dryer and your laundry will smell truely wonderful.
Lavender Signs
18x 3.5 Wood signs with hanging bracket Beautiful on an indoor wall or in your garden.
Lavender Body Spray
What? A spray for the body and the linens? Yes, Virginia there is a spray that does all that. A spritz on the body relieves dry itchy skin. A light spray on your bed linens helps you to relax and fall asleep.