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Skin care.  A  concern for male or female alike.  When spring arrives and summer begins
skin care becomes a concern.  First it is that the skin has been indoors during the last
season and looks dull and unrefined.  Second is that now we are outdoors more the skin
can start to re-act to our new outdoor activities.

For instance I have been working out at the gym and sweat has started to irritate my skin.  
Large patches of scratchiness are bothering me.  My daughter on the other hand is getting
more acne because of the workouts.  A friend of mine has already gotten her first sunburn
of the season.  

Aahhhh the season of the skin.  We are starting to show more of it since the weather is
getting better and  shorts are coming out of the closets.

But what to do with the skin? Your skin has a highly specialized structure.  The upper layer
is composed of dead cells and beneath that is a layer of living cells. The upper layer is
constantly shedding in four week cycles and the new layer moves to the surface.  The old
layer sheds itself in microscopic flakes.
Oils on the skin prevent the skin from drying out and helps prevent bacteria from coming in.  
Washing your skin properly can aid in the outer layers being cleaned off and showing the
fresh new layers.  Too harsh of soap though can cause problems.  Harsh cleansers can
strip the protective oils of the skin and then irritability starts.  This can show up in itchy
patches or acne.
One way to solve this problem is to not over strip the skin of its oils.  You want to pick a
cleanser that will strip off the dead cells but leave some oil on the skin.
A good cleanser starts off with good ingredients so read your labels carefully.  As a former
professional model I have found that a good basic soap and water does the trick. You can
be fooled into expensive cleansers but why waste your money on something that isn’t
offering you anything extra.  Milk based soaps have been used for years as a way to slough
off the dead cells and brighten the look of your skin.  I used to buy soaps from Europe to do
the deed.  But they are hard to find, expensive and of course have a huge carbon footprint.  
When I started my farm I just concentrated on my lavender plants.  But I now have branched
out into the milk soap business.  Not just any milk either.  Nope my girlfriend owns a goat
farm and she still hand milks her goats every day.  This fresh wholesome milk is the only milk
we use in our handmade soaps.
These soaps are your skins answer to proper care and cleansing.  I suggest that you look at
the chart below to determine what you need for your skin concerns.

 Oily Skin                Dry Skin             Normal Skin
Lavender Goats Milk Soap-                    Yes                         Yes                         Yes
Bentonite Clay Goats Milk Soap-           Yes                          No                          Yes
(Draws the toxins to the surface
of the skin where they can then
be secreted)       
Rhassoul Clay-                                         Yes                          Yes                        Yes
(Reputed to reduce dryness and
flakiness, improve skin clarity and
Kaolin-                                                      Yes                           Yes                        Yes
(great shaving soap and wonderful
for blackheads-very soothing)                  

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