Lavender Plants
Garden Gate
Lavender Bundles
$23.50 3 Bundles
These were hand picked this summer to beautify your or a loved ones home or office. Use in a vase as a decoration or place on a table or mantel for its relaxing smell. Occasionally shake the buds over a carpet and vacuum up to release an odor fighting fragrance!
Lavender Buds $21.95 size 1 lb
Cleaned and ready for your imagination! These buds are grown without chemicals so you can be free to sniff away safely. A one-pound bag can provide you with enough bud to make 40 small sachets perfect for party favors or gifts. Use your imagination and craft a fragrant pillow, teddy bear or Christmas ornament. The sky’s the limit and the fragrance divine.
Garden Gate Lavender Farm
Lavender Plants
Lavender Plugs
Highly recommended to transplant
into larger container before
planting out.
2.5 inch Pots
This size is recommended for direct
planting into the field.
3.5 inch Pots
Larger, more mature plants.
Great for landscaping!
Live Lavender Plants for Sale!
Please call for availability and shipping info.  509-244-0767