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B.A. ’06 Washington State University, Hospitality
Business Management & Business Economics
Sports Medicine

Training Philosophy:
“I believe everyone regardless of age, physical
condition, mental health, and emotional well being
deserves to feel and enjoy the freedom of
“Exercise enhances every aspect of physical and
mental well being. I strive to encourage, support,
and challenge my clients to feel strong, confident
and to find fitness programs they truly enjoy.”
Sarah grew up in beautiful Spokane, WA.
Participating at a young age in numerous athletic
and outdoor activities sparked a passion for
physical fitness. Not only does she have experience
in various sports, races, and adventures, Sarah has
also suffered injuries requiring surgery and physical
therapy. She has firsthand experience with muscle
and joint rehabilitation, thus adding more to what
she offers as your personal trainer. Sarah prides
herself in creating new, dynamic workouts that keep
you moving and away from the “burnout zone”. She’
ll email you recipes, helpful tips, and reminders to
keep you on track for your goals and long term

Personal Interests:
Running, biking, hiking, soccer, volleyball, reading,
biking, playing with my dog Archer, enjoying the
outdoors, cooking.